Cucina Povera literally translates to 'poor kitchen' but we believe 'peasant fare' best encapsulates our style.

Our kitchen philosophy is so simple; we transform humble fresh farm produce into dishes that are more than the sum of their parts. Locally grown and delicately assembled in-house - simple.

The Puglia region where our family roots lie is deeply-seated in our menu and inspires everything we do. Simplicity is key. No edible flowers but different types of edible 'grass' and greens will be found in our kitchen. Traditional cooking methods have been preserved as we use recipes reminiscent of your nonna and biz nonna.

For the love of food. We do it differently. Celebrating Italian culture and the farm-to-table movement. We have taken a leaf out of our ancestors book and turn everything we farm into an honest wholesome feed. Handmade fresh pasta and light pizza bases with the perfect balance of crispiness and fluffy crust are our signature.